Should You be Tweeting on Twitter?

Twitter, like other social media tools, is simply an outlet for you to communicate with others. It’s a platform you can use to spark discussion between you and your customers and keep everyone informed with what’s going on in and around your company.

Yes, company websites are platforms too. However, the problem with how they communicate with your audience is that they’re often too official. Tools like Twitter specialize in communicating what you are doing or thinking in the real world.

Twitter can be used as a 2nd avenue for consumers to explore your company – reading beyond your website home page where the typical show & tell is expectedly written by your marketing department. Tweets are unscripted, conversational and authentic. It’s a treat for customers to read what CEO’s and management are doing or thinking, and it’s a treat to be in-the-know and receiving information straight from the source.

Not quite feeling it? Check out Flight Centre’s Twitter Page, with over 5,000 followers, or one of Walmart’s Twitter Pages with over 10,000 followers, or the Edmonton Oilers Twitter Page with over 12,000 followers. See what these companies are sharing and how their audience is responding. You’ll likely see a benefit, even if only a small one, to using Twitter yourself.

Don’t have much to say? I bet you do. Followers can listen in on your thoughts for expanding your business, plans to hire new staff, new/upcoming products & services you’ll be offering, industry events you are attending, products you’ve tested, contacts you’ve made, awards & accolades you’ve received, projects you’ve finished, partnerships you’ve made, associations you’ve joined, promotions you’re having, and more.

Many social media tools do relatively the same thing – they give you a new platform to communicate with others. If you’re thinking of setting up a Twitter page, do yourself a favor first and do your research. Go where your customers are. If your customers are using Twitter, you should be there. If your competitors are using Twitter, you should be there.

Twitter is not for everyone, and certainly does more for some industries (like news and entertainment) than others. If your research proves that your customers are NOT using Twitter, they’re likely somewhere else… maybe Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, or one of the many other social networking scenes out there.

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