The Importance of "Free" Business Models for .com’s

If you build it, they will not come, especially if they have to pay for it.

The success of many online businesses is largely attributed to adopting “free” as a business model. First and foremost, building a community of users, followers and subscribers. Free is always an attractive offer – there’s no objection to price – all of a sudden signing up doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Convincing yourself that “free” as a business model works, then sticking to the plan, can be tough. It doesn’t seem like a common-sense approach at first, but if you try the exact opposite chances are you’ll find yourself frustrated by an evident lack of interest from surfers, lack of steady traffic and consistency, and ultimately a lack of sales.

Internet start-ups are rarely an overnight success, they are considerable time investments. If you don’t invest the time or fail to have an online marketing plan — you’d better plan to fail.

After your website is built, spend your time finding new friends online, give them something to share with their friends, offer free advice, contests, giveaways, free resources and free networking opportunities. Make this a daily habit and then watch your community start to grow.

After you’ve attracted a loyal community of users, built credibility and established a solid reputation, all the potential revenue streams will reveal themselves and you’ll be ready to take your website to the next step. These revenue streams will likely present themselves as subscription or advertising opportunities.

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