In Case You Missed It: Google Analytics in Real Life

Google Analytics in Real Life: What would your customer experience look like?

Last month Google launched 3 awesome videos depicting what your customer experience would look like in real life. It’s a great reminder to limit distractions, stay organized, and keep things simple on your website.
The Best 5 Minutes You’ll Spend Today
Website designers and business owners need reminders like this every now and then. Take 5 minutes to watch all of these videos and it’ll be the best 5 minutes you spend today.
What’s Distracting Your Customers?Landing page optimization:
How Can it Be So Challenging to Find Your Favorite Type of Milk?Stay organized.
When Do Visitors Check Out From Your Online Buying Process?Keep checkouts simple and easy to use.

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  1. ana sanchez says:

    Google Analytics is quite potent in terms of rationalizing site performance due to people centric metrics like visitors and bounce rates. According to a web design company london, these metrics drawn from analytics must be treated as an improvement out of the status quo.

  2. Jane Beverly says:

    You got that right. We take pride by what our web development team are creating because it proves to give the best customer experience, and stats proves it too.

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