AdSense Tips and Tricks, Maximize Your Efforts

Top 10 Ways to Make More Money From Google AdSense

We’ve worked with AdSense for years, on both internal and client projects, and wanted to share tips and tricks we’ve learned with both clients and fellow web designers.

The single best tip we can give for AdSense success is to always remember Google’s motto: “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. Translation: focus on the user experience and deliver golden content to them. Your AdSense success relies heavily on the quality content you deliver to your visitors.


1) Only place one ad unit per page.
Let’s say you owned 10 billboards on a property and that each billboard was in no greater location than the others. The cost to advertise on such property would be cheaper as there’s not much competition in your way, nor is there a bidding war for prime placement. When you place only one ad unit per page, you’re creating an exclusive spot for advertisers to own. They will engage in a bidding war for that spot, and your AdSense revenues will increase.

2) Place your ad unit as close to the top of the page as possible.
This is a general rule of thumb – keep your ad units above the fold, and preferably as close to the top of your page as possible. This will increase visibility and clicks.

3) Place your ad unit right under your h1 tag.
Google will do a better job matching the right ads with the right content if you pay attention to your h1 tags. Also ensure that your h1 tags are relevant to your title tags as well.

4) Only use one h1 tag on a page.
As a general SEO rule, but also to help Google do a better job of matching the right ads with the right content on your page. The better the ad/content match, the more likelihood of a visitor responding to your ads, and thus increasing your AdSense revenues.

5) Setup custom AdSense channels for your ads.
Advertisers can learn from your channels, and seek your website as their advertising venue if you utilize channels properly. Channels will also help you identify which ads are performing best. For example, everyone’s read online that graphical leader-board ads work better than link units. As all websites are not created equal, how can you really tell? If you create 1 custom channel with a  graphical leader-board ad, and another with a text link unit ad, you can measure the results and see for yourself which perform better.

6) Block everyone in the AdNetwork but Google.
Our tests (performed over the course of 1 year) show that there’s no added benefit to allowing all AdNetworks to bid for your ad space, in fact, they water-down your ads. It is our recommendation to block all AdNetworks and stick with Google AdWords (default) only.

7) Experiment and use whatever ad products you like.
In our experience, no single ad product performs better than another. The key here is to figure out which ad product works for your visitors. Setup custom channels and experiment with all types of ad products. You’ll see for yourself which ad products your visitors are responding to.

8) Don’t get too creative with the ad styles. Keep links blue, it’s old-school.
Again, your own custom channels can test this theory, but it is our believe that visitors are more likely to ignore AdSense ads if they’re blended into your website rendering them less-visible. Default creative (blue, black and green) ad styles have performed better in our experience. The idea here is that you don’t want to hide or camouflage your ads, you want them to be visible. If you’re trying too hard to hide your ads because you’re concerned about them sticking out too much, you’re forgetting that the ads can actually provide exactly what your visitors have come searching for.

9) Omit ads that don’t fit.
For example, if you find ads for Hotel and Flight Bookings on your website which sells computers, block the advertiser URL within your AdSense “allow & block ads” page You can also use the “ad review centre” to block certain graphical ads from appearing on your website. Do your best to ensure content-relevant ads show up on your website, and you’ll notice an increase in your CTR (click through rate).

10) Get into bed with Google
Use Webmaster Tools, AdWords and Analytics. Study them religiously, comb through reports, test variations in SEO, spot trends and watch for successful patterns to emerge. As not all websites are created equal, you must test, experiment and evaluate. Google’s tools are useful and powerful, they’ll help you find a winning formula.


Do not interrupt the users experience browsing your site by distracting them with gimmicks or pleads to click on your ads.

Do not litter your website with ads, it’s ugly, and it’s not rocket-science learning that it turns visitors off and disengages them.

Do not ignore Google’s AdSense Programme Policies.

Do not lose sight of the user-experience.

Do not take SEO lightly. You need visitors to ensure your AdSense success.

Do not give up. Solving AdSense challenges and earning revenue takes time.

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