Be Careful OUTSOURCING Web Site Design and SEO

Be Careful Outsourcing Web Site Design and SEO

Our office receives at least one message per day from an off-shore company requesting that we outsource our web design and SEO services to their off-shore company.

We’ve never subscribed to these services, and neither should you:

These Guys are Annoying
The same companies will call and email over and over again. They pester. Who wants to do business with someone like that?

They’re Relentless
When you tell them “no”, they keep on asking.

They’re False
We investigated a few off-shore website design and SEO company portfolios and found the majority of them to display false portfolios. Many also make claims to have worked with dozens of reputable companies in Canada and the USA, including Fortune 500 companies, which has proved to be false.

Black-Hat Methods
These companies might have better luck if they didn’t sell black-hat methods. Their products, services and solutions are not best-practice, they’re questionable at best. Many also employ cheap labor from 3rd world sweat shops.

Where’s the Support?
The best support you can receive is local. Period.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this information.I also get this email daily in my junk email folder and i ignore these type of mails.Good Job!!

  3. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!Thanks for share…

  4. steven clark says:

    very nice information.i want to more information for Web Designthanks for sharing you are great writer

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