Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

Yes and No. Why? It depends on your business. For example: In our experience, facebook advertising sucks for professional services companies. However, a facebook ad can be very successful for a retail or entertainment industry business. Although statistics prove facebook users are engaged on longer than the majority of other websites they visit, their attention span is limited making it difficult to engage as a potential consumer. Facebook users do not respond to advertisements like a patient researcher/searcher would when exposed to Google ads. Facebook users are also, statistically, younger and not in a purchasing-mood. They’re killing time, snooping, networking, chatting, and sharing pictures. At the time of this article, Facebook does not include ad extensions like phone numbers or maps, which is critical to most advertisers.

That being said, it never hurts to try and experiment. If you’re going to dabble in Facebook advertising, try LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing and Google all at the same time. Measure your results – before long you’ll have all the data you require to make the best, informed decision moving forward.

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  1. Elena Grace says:

    good to see the posting here.

  2. steven clark says:

    yes facebook advertising sucks for professional services companies because facebook is first of top ten social media sites

  3. steven clark says:

    Very nice blog post i very like it Facebook Advertising

  4. But… you can not ignore the long term value a like today will pay dividends if you keep them engaged.

  5. I have heard mixed reviews about FaceBook ads. For all the reasons you have pointed out, some individuals and businesses shy away from it. It does not seem to be effective in terms of getting sales.

    However, part of marketing involves getting your name out there in front of potential customers. I think that FaceBook ads can do that. If you are a web designer who wants to make their name known, having your ad on this social media site can help.

    It exposes thousands of viewers to your brand. Even if they don't hire you, they become aware of you.

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