7 Things You Better Have in Your Confirmation Emails

A visitor just submitted an inquiry via your website form. As per usual, they receive an automated confirmation email from you. Chances are, that email is ugly as sin and doesn’t make much of an impression.

Here are 10 things you better have in your confirmation emails if you want to make an impact.

  1. A Personal Touch
    1. Don’t be afraid to get personal – have your confirmation email come from someone important, and include their name and a mugshot.
  2. A Sincere Note
    1. Don’t forget to say “thank-you” and/or express how tickled you are that the website visitor chose to contact you.
  3. A Phone Number
    1. By contacting you, the visitor has shown that they’re serious about doing business with you. Reciprocate this by providing the phone number of someone important. Don’t be afraid to include a direct line and extension.
  4. A Link Back to Your Website
    1. Often overlooked, but definitely important.
  5. Branding/Identity
    1. Email “design” has come a long way. Ask your web designer about options for jazzing up your confirmation emails. Make them look slick, deliver a punch, and match your identity.
  6. Value Proposition
    1. By the book: (in marketing) an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers. In other words, reaffirm their decision to contact you.
  7. A Timeframe
    1. Let your visitor know when to expect a response- such as “same day” or “within 48hrs” – to ensure you’re properly managing expectations.

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