Generate Leads Through Your Website With LeadChat

As a website owner, you should be concerned with capturing the attention of each and every visitor to your website. Once that’s achieved, you need to quickly convert that “visitor” to a “lead”, and ultimately the “lead” to a “sale”.

Unfortunately, most website owners put all their stock into a contact form and phone number.

Believe it or not, you’ll likely get 300% more leads using LeadChat.

The Purpose

The purpose of LeadChat is to make sure that there is a “salesperson” on your site 24/7 in the form of a chat agent.

The Benefit

The benefit of using a live chat box staffed by LiveChat agents is that your customers questions are addressed in real time.

What it Means To You, The Website Owner

LeadChat’s role when interacting with your visitor is to simply collect a name, phone number and email address to pass along to you. In addition to this, you’re automatically emailed chat transcripts as they happen. LeadChat is a great, cost-effective way to generate new leads.

Perfect Timing

LeadChat can be turned on/off whenever you like. For instance, if you’re convinced your website visitors are likely to call Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, and you have the staff available to answer those calls – turn LiveChat off during this time. Turn LiveChat on again from 5pm-8am, and on weekends, so that you’re there for your customers when your staff is not.

Concerned About Dialogue?

Don’t be. Part of the sign-up process with LeadChat includes a detailed “survey” where you can specify how you want LeadChat agents to chat with your visitors. Specify greetings, parameters, canned responses, and answers to questions the visitors are most likely to ask.

Chat Widgets Usually Suck

Chat functionality has been around for a long time, and has never been overly popular for two reasons:

1. Most chat widgets are “automatic” (chat with a robot, not a human)
2. Most chat widgets are ugly, annoying, and intrusive (ultimately ineffective)

LiveChat Doesn’t Suck

Live Chat agents are experts at learning your business to ensure they deliver an exceptional outcome, every time. The chat widget itself is fully customizable to match your brand, and is the sleekest, most subtle yet effective chat widget available.

Leave Website Chat to the Professionals

One of the best things about LeadChat is you don’t have to manage it yourself. In other words, you don’t have to be on the other end of the line when a visitor initiates a chat. In fact, having this control would likely set you up for failure, as Gary Tramer (founder of LeadChat) describes here:

LeadChat presents an opportunity to gather more leads and create more sales.

Click here to get started with a 30-day free trial.

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