Why IE6 Sucks

If you’re using IE6, upgrade now.

Aesthetics & Functionality: Why Web Designers Hate IE6

IE6 is rife with CSS incompatibilities and doesn’t support a number of other web standards or functions. Many javascript operations and cool jquery tools that make Web 2.0 sites look and function better than the previous generations are also not supported in IE6. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible for your website to be competitive if you’re concerned with keeping it IE6 compatible.

Obsolete browsers (IE6 was released in 2001) are a challenge for web developers, despite that it’s easier than ever (and MUCH more important from a security standpoint) for users to run the most current versions available.

Privacy & Security: Why You Should Stop Using IE6

IE6 has well over a hundred documented security issues, many of which can’t be patched, and 24 of which have been labelled as “serious” vulnerabilities. Microsoft has admitted IE6 sucks, and has blamed it’s own product for a series of hacks and malware attacks throughout the net.

Microsofts own Director of its Security Response Centre admits IE has been responsible for website attacks resulting in theft of intellectual property and personal information.

Your Options

If you like Internet Explorer, but want to upgrade to a newer/safer version, click here.

Firefox is a good alternative, too, you can download the latest version here.

Credits: graphos.ca

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